Saturday November 30th!

MEGA Volume Training

We are pleased you have decided to Embark on the Journey to Advance your Lash Skills! 


Saturday – November 30th

Full Course Tuition Amount : $350

Deposit Amount : $125.00

Frequently Asked Course Questions


What is your Lash Course Date and Time?

Your MEGA Volume Lash Training Course will take place on Saturday November 30th. Class Begins 8:00 am and ends 3:00 pm. 


What comes with your MEGA Volume Training Course?

Mega Volume training Students will receive a MEGA Volume starter Kit including MEGA Volume Lashes and proper Tweezers for application!  

Will My MEGA Volume Course Include A LIVE DEMO?

Yes, Your MEGA Volume Lash Course will include a LIVE Demo! We believe in LIVE Client Trainings. A Lash Life Training Students receive 

When and Where?

The Lash Life November MEGA Volume Training Course will take place in Atlanta, Georgia at our Buckhead Lash Life location, Address : 2100 Cheshire Bridge Road, Atlanta GA 30324

You will receive a PayPal invoice to complete your deposit and full course payments. 


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