Watch our client’s Microblading and Brow restoration journey!

We are now offering Microblading Appointments with our Team at A Lash Life! Is Microblading Right for you? Well read more below to learn if you are a great candidate for Microblading Services!

Do you need Microblading? Have your brow hairs faded? Are your brows Blonde or faint? Have you lost your brows due to alopecia or you just need help filling in your brows everyday to hit the perfect Arch? IF YES! Then You are Right for Microblading! Keep Reading for more information!

How will a Microblading Services help me? In addition to creating a new brow if your brow hair is has faded, Microblading maintains an arched and full brow appearance for your everyday look! This Semi- Permanent Procedures alleviates the daily hassle of filling in brows, only to ultimately end without the perfect symmetry between brows and without the perfect Arch! RESULTS LAST for OVER 1 YEAR!


The Lash Life Signature Microblading Service full price is $405! However, we are offering a limited time special pricing of $305 for 10 clients. A non-refundable deposit of $125 is required to secure your Service. You may register below and send deposit via; Cash App $lashlife2100.


Have you suffered from Brow Hair Loss?If Yes, then you are a great candidate for Microblading Services. Through our Microblading and Microshading technologies, are team will re-create the Perfect Brow for you. NO More waking up everyday attempting to draw on your brows only to end with uneven and non-symetrical brows.

What is Microblading? – Microblading procedures add semi-permanent pigment to your skin. Microshaiding The technique of Microblading is used to create fuller natural appearing brows.

What happens during my Microblading Consultation ? – Our Microblading team will consult with you on how best brow shape for your face and choose a color that matches the natural hair color and skin undertone. Our team will also review your skin history

What is the Cost of Microblading Services with A Lash Life? – At A Lash Life, The Microblading procedure is $405, (Current Special Pricing of $305.00) and the 6-8 week touch up appointment cost is $100.00.

We are offering a Limited Time Price of $305.00 for our Microblading Services! For Only 10 Clients. Deposit of $125 Required.

What is Microshading? If you already have brows that are healthy but need a darker more shaded in daily look, to save your self time. Book our Microshading Only. Cost, $250.00.

Once our team receives your Pre-Registration above and deposit payment, we will contact you for a telephone consultation regarding your brows and pre-appointment procedures.

Please See Microblading Procedure Images Below!

Step 1 – Our team of Microblading Artists will outline and Shape your Perfect Brow!

Step 2 – Client Reviews Brow Shape and Arch and Approves both Shape and Arch

Step 3 – Our Artist Begin the Microblading Process

Pigmentation Absorption Process

Final Completed Look!