Out of State Students – The HUDSON Academy


We are now providing Housing for Out of State Students at The HUDSON Academy. Interested in Earning an Esthetics License and learning Lashing, Microblading, Facials and Beauty Entrepreneurship?

Live in the Beautiful, Warm and Exciting City of Atlanta! Start ONLINE Now and Move to Atlanta January 30th of 2021! Download Our Academy Lookbook Below! Leave your home mailing address below and we will send you our Lookbook in the mail and MORE!


Frequently Asked Questions

When Will Classes Begin for Out of State Students? Out of State Students will begin classes in Atlanta on January 30th. Prior to Arrival Students will complete online virtual learning and independent work to complete LEVEL 1 Theory Hours. During Your level 1 hours you are able to complete the virtual hours at your own pace and your own time!

Why Attend The HUDSON Academy? At The HUDSON Academy we provide our students with a competitive educational experience.

How Close is The HUDSON House to The HUDSON Academy? The HUDSON House is located less than 10 minutes from The HUDSON Academy, Marietta Campus.

Can I enroll from anywhere in the Country ? At this time, we are enrolling out of state students from Texas, Maryland, Virginia, DC, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Florida.

Out of State Tuition Cost? Out of state student tuition including student housing, $7,000.00. You may enroll into The HUDSON as an Out of State Student, tuition amount without housing, $5,200.00

How will I pay my tuition? Out of State Students seeking housing may elect one of two tuition payment options. Students may make a deposit payment of $600.00 and additional bi-weekly payments or Students may complete a full one-time payment of $4,000 to reduce the full tuition from 7,000 ( Savings of $3,000) .

How Long will I live in Atlanta ? Students moving to Atlanta to attend The HUDSON Academy, should plan to complete the Esthetics program in Atlanta in 6 – 7 months.

What happens after I graduate? All students will sit for the state of Georgia esthetics board licensing exam and have license transferred to the student’s home state. OR Sit for the Esthetics Exam in their home state depending on the State Guidelines.