THE HUDSON Academy – Maryland

WELCOME TO THE HUDSON! Are you ready to Launch a Career in Beauty! Are you searching for a profession that will allow you to work for yourself and provide flexibility? Become a Beauty Entrepreneur! We are here to train you on the latest Beauty Trends and earn your State License! Let our team train you on MICROBLADING! LASHING! BODY CONTOUR! FACIALS! WAXING and More! Apply for our Financial Aid Package Below!

We are Now Enrolling Students for our January 2021 Cohort – Esthetician Program!

Attend OPEN HOUSE – 10:00 am – Tuesday, September 1st

OPEN HOUSE Location : Takoma Park, Maryland

Classes Begin January 2021!

We are enrolling Full Time ( Day Program) and Part-Time ( Evening Program) Students!

FULL TIME : 9:30 am – 3:30 pm – Monday – Friday

PART TIME/ Evening Classes : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays : 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm. Evening Students will also have Sunday Online Hours.

Enroll Today! Earn your Esthetics License and Learn to Lash and Microblade!

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Step 1 : Complete Registration Form Below and Financial Aid Application

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Full Tuition : $12,500 ( Financial Aid Available)